The Ferndale Community Center is a nonprofit organization managed by the Ferndale Senior Resource Agency.

Mission Statement of the Ferndale Community Center-2015

To promote community participation by providing a sound facility for arts, education, recreation, celebration and locally based human services in order to increase the opportunity for personal and collective growth in our community.

Mission Goals

  • Human Service- To nourish the senior citizens / others by providing food programs and by promoting a safe and sanitary environment for all ages and cultures
  • Cultural Service- By offering a place to promote community enrichment through intercultural event, music, theatre, dance, literary, media and visual.
  • Partnership-Work with Ferndale non-profits, organizations and schools to provide opportunities for fund raising, community building, community service and education at a reasonable cost.
  • Community building- Hosting town meetings, family gatherings, individual recognition and memorials.
  • Sustainability- Using our mission statement and goals to achieve our financial needs and future aims.  Providing care, restoration and improvement of the facilities.